Driving.ca Review – 2016 Honda HR-V | McFadden Honda

By Graeme Fletcher DRIVING.CA The hottest segment in the business right now is the crossover market. Not wanting to miss out on a prime opportunity, Honda has released a running-mate for its well-respected CR-V — the new Fit-based HR-V. It joins a new niche that’s set to include the Mazda CX-3. In simple terms, if you are shopping for flexible versatility

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles preview

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles is now sponsored by Honda | McFadden Honda

Honda has partnered with Machinima for the new animated digital series, Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. The automaker will serve as the official sponsor of the three-episode series—which premieres June 8 and wraps up by June 12—in support of a new model HR-V. “Given the launch of the all-new Honda HR-V, Machinima offers an ideal platform to reach

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Driving.ca’s First Drive: 2016 Honda Pilot

Inside and out, Honda’s uber-practical, easy-to-drive midsize SUV has never been more attractive. SPARTA, KENTUCKY — It’s longer, lower and not much wider, but more importantly, it’s no longer ugly. Like an Emperor Dragonfly, the 2016 Honda Pilot has transformed from icky nymph to sleek and sinewy beauty after a remake from the wheels up.

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Tire and Wheel Care

Tire Pressure Studies have shown that up to 70% of vehicles on the road have at least one under-inflated tire. Checking and maintaining tire pressure regularly will help extend tire life and reduce fuel consumption. Every time you check your Honda’s tire pressures, you should also examine the tires for damage, foreign objects and wear.

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